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Lack of needed CrowdControl nowadays
Date: May 10, 2018 4:54:09 AM PDT
Author: joejonsme


Well its pretty weird that nowadays for
example me as a Mage i cant remember the
last time i actually used Sheep in
Dungeons/Raids. Its just not needed
anyomore except like in PvP. Correct me if
im wrong. As a Casterclass besides Healer
Abilities dont even need much Mana to be
usable. Why did this aspect got pruned down?
Remember the times you had to actually
regenerate Mana to use Spells? Some of you
people disagree that it was just unnecessary
but for me it gave me a bit of Immersion. As
a frostbolt firing Mage at sometime i gotta
regenerate my Powers, well no im just
blasting them 24/7.

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